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Yeresoro Francois 8 months ago in Game Creator updated 2 months ago 12

Hi Marti,

I would like to know if there is a plan to make longer tutorials showing most of the tools and best practice of game creator. I saw in most of your youtube videos and your documentation, but still I am lost when it come to know how to make a game. It is really missing a 1 long tutorial putting everything in place.

This could introduce some modules as well.

You could check "adventure game creator" as reference

, it has 4 tutorials that are from 1 to 2 hours lenght.

After you follow those tutorials, you start to really understand how to use the beast.

Instead of being lost, because you don't even know the possibilities of the asset.

You don't have to make it super awesome, just showing step by step how to make a simple game mechanic using most of the features of game creator.

I know it take time, but it is also a really good way to attract new users.

Have a great day!

Under review

Allow use of variables on all value fields asset wide

Matthew Bockholt 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 1

Almost all value fields already do this, but allowing the use of variables for every value field on every action/condition/trigger increases the versatility of GameCreator exponentially for every field changed in this manner.

As mentioned, you already seem to do this pretty much all the time, but just making it a rule that is always followed on future actions/conditions/triggers would add a nice consistency.

Thus far, every time I run into a problem that requires a custom action, it has been because of this issue.

Examples of Actions that only allow static fields:
All Vector3 related Actions - none of them seem to let you set individual values of XYZ from variables

Random Value - min/max values are static fields

Wait - wait time is a static field

Examples of Triggers that only allow static fields:

On Player Stay Timeout - (duration is a static field)

All On Hold related Triggers - (hold durations are a static field)


Thank you!

This is the reason why I try to answer a lot of questions here.

eagleeyez 7 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 7 months ago 1

This is the reason why I try to answer a lot of questions here.

I too am learning Game Creator / Unity and the best way to learn is read somebody’s question and try and find the answer yourself. If you succeed you help others and yourself in engraving that information into your brain. Try everything in small steps and don’t try making your epic game before you know how to use your tools.

Don’t be scared of posting something wrong or not working as there will be enough people out there to correct you. Trying is everything; it is just like learning a language as when you start people will laugh when you make silly little mistakes. But you will learn the language if you don’t take criticism personally. Everybody is grateful for any kind of suggestions and help.

Making mistakes means you are learning.

(Me too)

I wish everybody and Marti a great day or evening depending on where you are on this planet.



BKGcode 10 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 1


I just purchased GameCreator with Shooter module. I feel quite impressed.

There's any plan to make it able to work with Playmaker?

It would make it the definitivie "non code" tool, as it main flaw I feel comes with the minutia and being able "to do what you want to do" witout code.

Great tool! Lets see where we can go with it :)


New game ideas using a 2.3D Controller (not a 2.5D)

eagleeyez 7 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 7 months ago 1

New game ideas using a 2.3D Controller (not a 2.5D)

What is a 2.3D controller?

  • I have just invented that name. Think about an oculus Quest looking at a 2D platformer but also turning corners and your camera following in the 3D world. Yes 2d, 2.5d and 3d all in one. The 2d actually turns into 3d

If you are interested in such a controller , then vote this post up and I will make a video showing exactly what a 2.3D controller is and maybe the guys and girls at Game Creator can build it in a future version. Think about multi-storey levels.

10 votes up and I’ll make the video


Hello World

Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Green Traveler 1 year ago 1

Hi everyone! This is the first Game Creator support topic. Feel free to ask your questions here, but remember to search for them beforehand. Some user might have had the same question as you and may already be resolved.

As for rules, just use common sense. Help us help you providing clear reproduction steps and screenshots, as well as provide us with the Unity and Game Creator versions you're using.

Cheers and happy game making!

- Marti

By Design

Game Creator Won't Allow Me to Install 2020 Version

JFB 2 months ago in Game Creator updated by Peter Moore 2 weeks ago 5

I'm trying to install Game Creator on version 2020.1 but even Force Install won't work. Any workaround doesn't work. It just seems adamant on only forcing me to use versions that are approved?

Can you help?

Under review

Local variable values on a prefab are going null on play

Alex Martinelli 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 6

I have a few prefabs holding information in the form of local variables in my game. For some reason, the values of the variables will turn to null when I hit play, then revert back to their original value in edit mode. This has also been affecting instantiated versions of the prefabs. Also, I've noticed that this doesn't happen on the first time I enter play mode per session, only the times following the first. Any help would be great, thanks!

[Edit]: Apologies, I tested it further and it turns out instantiated clones of the prefab preserve the original variable values. Unfortunately, the problem persists when trying to get the values from the prefab directly.


Friendly Marketing Advice

Matthew Bockholt 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

Just some friendly advice, take it or leave it. You have the Game Creator icon on all of the asset store icons (Shoot, Stats, Behavior, etc) so that it is obvious to the customer what belongs to Game Creator, but this is not the case for the in-Unity store icons. So come time to download/import, it isn't immediately obvious which assets go along with GC. Some example images below.



Action Transform no Variable selection for rotation or scale, only for position.

eagleeyez 8 months ago in Game Creator updated by Mad Stuntman 5 months ago 3

Action Transform no Variable selection for rotation or scale, only for position.

I have no way to have an object constantly rotating to another Vector3

There should be a choice x float ., y float. z float also from variables and also a whole Vector3 from variables if you want.,